Greenland elections & mining


As noted before in our sister blog Arctic PowerOur, Greenland is using its natural resources to assert its independence from Denmark. This is made clear by the importance of mining projects in the current elections. As noted in Nunatsiaq Online, the ruling party favours large mining projects & imported labour. New plans would also make it easier to import cheap labour during development phases of large projects, at this points the talks are about Chinese projects. The EU is worried that China might be using Greenland as an Arctic proxy, we talked about that before.

Denmark seems to be willing to go along with Greenland on Chinese projects & labour as well as on uranium extraction. That’s definitely in contradiction with decades of Danish attitudes. That might be owing to colonial guilt, but in any case extraction seems to be more important than all out independence. The whole process won’t come about as easily as some speculate; none of these projects are on the rails yet.


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