Monthly Archives: March 2013

Is Iceland a green land?


Icelandic President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson built up Iceland’s green credentials last week in Paris in front of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. He sees Iceland developing clean energy as a new economic model. He also touted the renewable nature of Iceland’s electricity & heating via hydro or geothermal production.

That’s politician talk, but what’s the reality? For one Iceland has the highest consumption of electricity per capita owing to its aluminium industry. Iceland has high carbon dioxide emissions but certainly not the highest for a Nordic country. The country does rely on net imports in pretty much everything & especially oil. Owing to the sparse population, transportation over long distances plays a big role in pollution in general. However, there is a parliamentary resolution, adopter in 2010, to strengthen the green economy. The final report should be due soon.


LEGO to get its first public museum in Denmark


Believe it or not, but LEGO doesn’t have a public museum, or as they will call it a “brand house”. Bjarke Ingels & BIG will be designing a public museum & experience centre for the world’s most famous brick in Billund, Denmark.  Look for it in the next few years.