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Is Iceland a green land?


Icelandic President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson built up Iceland’s green credentials last week in Paris in front of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. He sees Iceland developing clean energy as a new economic model. He also touted the renewable nature of Iceland’s electricity & heating via hydro or geothermal production.

That’s politician talk, but what’s the reality? For one Iceland has the highest consumption of electricity per capita owing to its aluminium industry. Iceland has high carbon dioxide emissions but certainly not the highest for a Nordic country. The country does rely on net imports in pretty much everything & especially oil. Owing to the sparse population, transportation over long distances plays a big role in pollution in general. However, there is a parliamentary resolution, adopter in 2010, to strengthen the green economy. The final report should be due soon.


Horsemeat scare


Seems like horsemeat has found its way as far as the Nordic countries, which had been until then untouched by the scandal. Finland might pursue criminal proceedings, but the mislabelled meat will go to charity. Meanwhile, Sweden is investigating the disappearance of almost 10 000 horses each year; the animals are suspected of being illegally sold as beef all over Europe. Ikea has removed from its shelves meatballs made in Sweden & distributed all over Europe, as well as Sweden & Denmark. In Denmark, horsemeat was found in pizzas labelled meat. On the other hand, the scandal kindled an interest in horsemeat all over Norway & especially Oslo.

Salmon production hits record in the Faroe Islands


A recent news post from the Faroe Fish Farmers Association, notes that 2012 was a record year for salmon production in the islands. Salmon production for last year reached 63 000 tons of fish. Fish farmers are producing more & bigger fish with the average salmon weighing 5,07 kg.

Salmon is the biggest export of the Faroe Islands at a 40% value.


See the Faroe Fish Farmers Association for more information.